What you will learn

  • Use your passion

    You will learn to determine your passion so that you know what drives you, what really matters to you, what you truly want in life.

  • Reach your goals

    You will learn to set goals in line with your passion, and reach them!

  • Use your past

    You will learn to remove limiting decisions and anxieties so that you make your past a springboard for your future.

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Steps to change your life

What you learn in this online training

  • Get grip on your life

    Taking responsibility is the key to success. In the training you learn how to recognise responsibility and how to take it more.

  • Know what's really important to you

    Find out what really matters to you in different areas of your life; listening to both your head and your heart.

  • Reach your goals

    Set goals based on what's really important to you and formulate them so that you will reach them.

  • Make your past a springboard for your future

    Clean up your limiting decisions and anxieties using timeline techniques and use your full potential to create the life that you want.

  • Program your future

    Use the timeline techniques from the previous step to program your goals into the future so that's fully clear in which direction you go.

  • Focus on what you want

    Turn negative thoughts into positive ones and focus 100% on what you want, not on what you don't want.

  • Take positive action

    Without action nothing happens. Taking positive action makes the difference!

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Course curriculum

Overview of "Create the life you want in 7 effective steps"

  • 02
    Create The Foundation To Change
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    • Introduction
    • Personal Workbook
    • How we perceive the world
    • Exercise: How we perceive the world
    • Rules for success
    • Exercise: Rules for success
    • Conscious vs unconscious mind
    • Exercise: Conscious vs unconscious mind
    • Learning stages & wheel of life
  • 03
    Step 1 - Take 100% Responsibility
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    • Why take responsibility
    • Responsibility & influence
    • Move to the cause side
    • Great example
    • Exercise: Take responsibility
    • Task: Listen to others
    • Task: Listen to yourself
    • Task: Take responsibility
    • Task: Increase your area of influence
  • 04
    Step 2 - What's Important To You
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    • Determine your passion
    • Determine your vision
    • Start with the end in mind
    • Introduction to values
    • How to find your values
    • Introduction to eliciting your values
    • Exercise: Passion, vision & values
    • Task: Elicit your values related to romance
    • Task: Elicit your values related to work
    • Task: Elicit your values related to family
    • Task: Elicit your values related to personal development
    • Task: Elicit your values related to health & fitness
    • Task: Elicit your values related to spirituality
  • 05
    Step 3 - Set Your Goals
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    • Introduction to setting your goals
    • States vs goals
    • SMART goals
    • How to write down your goals
    • Exercise: SMART goals
    • Task: Write down your goals
  • 06
    Step 4 - Clean Up Your Past
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    • Limiting decisions and anxieties
    • Introduction to timeline techniques
    • Task: Determine your timeline
    • Through-time vs in-time
    • Exercise: Clean up your past
    • Activity: Fly over your timeline
    • Timeline technique to remove limiting decisions
    • Task: Determine your limiting decisions
    • Activity: Remove your limiting decisions
    • Task: Determine your anxieties
    • Timeline technique to remove your anxieties
    • Activity: Remove your anxieties
    • Considerations
  • 07
    Step 5 - Program Your Future
    Show details
    • Introduction to programming your fu